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 Krieger         Mixing & Homogenising Systems                                             Phone: +41 61 465 3900 
Mixing & Homogenising Systems
Krieger commits itselves to a research program where we work in close collaboration with universities and industrial partners. Research on process optimisation and new process technologies result in developments that respond to the changing demands of the pharmacuetical and cosmetics markets.
Some of our Research & Developments projects:
Contained homogenising process technology: Research and developments project resulting in new state of the art sterile and contained processes eliminating the need for MS sterile cooling liquids in process vessels. PAT Technology:  Feasability study of using ultrasonic resonator technology as a monitoring tool to manufacture lipid based drug delivery systems and nanosuspensions. Quality Control: Drug dispersion control by using RAMAN Technology
Krieger semi solids process research at IPT Lab