C-TF Homogeniser: Constant research at Krieger results in state of the art mixing & homogenising technology that enables to process the wide variety of parmaceutical and cosmetics products with one single machine. The new powerfull C-TF Homogeniser enables fast and easy dispersing, emulsifying and homogenisation of the introduced phases and the entire product batch without the necessity of a recirculation loop. As such product losses are minimized and the cleaning and sanitisation /sterilsation cycle is substantially more efficient.
The Krieger homogenising process
The Krieger C-TF homogeniser is manufactured in Switzerland to the highest precision standards, with constant shear- and flow rates in order to guarantee perfect reproducibility and scale up of products manufactured in the Molto Mat and K- Mix machine range.
Homogeniser in UP Flow with controlled product flow Ingedients can be sucked in from the bottom valve for direct dispersion through the homogeniser.
Homogeniser in DOWN Flow reverses the product flow & creates a vortex Ingredients can be added from the top directly into the vortex for dispersion.
C-TF Homogeniser          QbD Balanced Shear Force = No over homogenising = Superior product quality UP / DOWN Flow = Easy loading of phases = No recirculation loop = No product loss Processes Low / high viscosity Integrated CIP System Easy Scale Up Aseptic & Sterile design
A special characteristic of the C-TF homogeniser is the balanced shear force of the homogeniser that makes it difficult to lose batches due to over homogenising and allows to process shear sensitive ingredients. The C-TF homogeniser cutting – edge design is capable of processing lower to higher viscosity products. The new homogeniser is self cleaning and the higher flow rates provide a powerfull inside cleaning tool that cleanses the entire vessel with a minimum water quantity over a short time period.