Customised quipment to handle your processes the way you would have designed them
Krieger Engineering Solutions 
Besides manufacturing our traditional mixing and homogenising systems, the Molto Mat and the K-Mix, Krieger has been very successful in designing special equipment for major pharmaceutical and cosmetics as well as chemical companies. Our "Engineering Solutions" service offers customers the possibility to industrialise their process research findings to exactly suit their needs by working with a specialised partner: Krieger.
Customers' processing research findings and technical requirements are taken into account during the design phase. This, combined with the Krieger know how in providing integrated Cleaning and Sterilisation in place systems result in turn key equipment that adheres to the most stringent GMP regulations of those industries. At start up a complete validation package is available.
Krieger engineering solutions have been of use to many major pharmaceutical an cosmetics companies including Novartis, Roche, Alcon and L'Oreal.