New Technologies
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Mixing & Homogenising Systems
Krieger introduces a NEW technology for Sterile and Contained Mixing & Homogenising
Krieger’s Contained process technology provides a technology platform that physically separates the process product chamber from the technical mixing mechanism. This new process technology uses a state of the art sealing design for counter rotating agitators: The Krieger Seal Containment Chamber. It does not require any cooling liquids for the mechanical seals and It fully seperates the mechanical seals from the product and mixing area.
As a result, the expensive equipment and comprehensive validation process, required for the sterilisation of mechanical seal cooling liquids is no longer needed. The risk of contamination caused by seal cooling liquids and lubrication that remains in traditional systems, a constant concern, has been completely eliminated with the NEW Krieger technology. Krieger SCC's are used by pharmaceutical companies and bio companies who require enhanced mixing functions where contained and sterile mixing are stringent requirements
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