Micro Mixer
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Mixing & Homogenising Systems
The Krieger Micro Mixer is the ideal Research tool for flexible drug development that meets the high requirements of the  Pharmaceutical and Bio Industries. 
Seamless mixing of small batches under vacuum or pressure with validated mixing speeds and temperature control are all combined now in one device: The Krieger Micro Mixer. The ergonomic design provides a detachable and portable vessel that can be easily transported , seperate from its motor base and thus allows the most versatile filling, emptying and CIP/SIP  handling.  .
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Starting with a minimum mixing volume of 50 ml, the Krieger Micro  Mixer is the optimal tool  were expensive active ingredients are key. The micro mixer is available in 200 ml or 1000 ml  capacity versions. Both  bottom driven  and top driven mixers are available. Download the datasheet US Version / Europe Version or contact us for more information.
The micro mixer allows researchers fast  drug development tests on the smallest scale, where controlled process conditions are a stringent requirement. The portable vessel can be filled or emptied under an isolator or glove box
Bottom Driven 200ml
Top Driven 200ml
Bottom Driven 1 Liter